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Viral Podcasting: The Book

A Success System to Create a Six-Figure Income from Your Show

Viral Podcasting:

A Success System to Create a Six-Figure Income from Your Show

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast?

This book will give you the information and advice you need to start a podcast and build a massive audience.

Is your current podcast not generating the numbers you want?

You’l l learn how to reboot your podcast to get the audience you deserve and increase your income.

Are you a successful podcaster but always looking for that edge?

Kerry shares his proven methods that helped himbuild FINANCIAL SURVIVAL NETWORK into the success it is today.

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A Success System to Create a Six-Figure Income from Your Show

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Viral Podcasting: The Podcast

An iTunes Top-Rated Podcast

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My book, Viral Podcasting. covers all the important issues of the business of podcasting:

Building massive audiences

Today's most sought-after podcast-marketing strategist reveals a new model for entrepreneurial success

Why podcasters lose money?

Figure out your goals and align your marketing strategy to maximize revenue.

Treating your podcast as a business

Earn money, get tax benefits, and gain press access with your podcast

Setting realistic goals

Modest goals translates into unrealized revenue. Over-reaching goals translate into sponsor disappointment.

Planning for success

Business planning can help improve business performance and help your podcast business grow 30% faster

Making big money from your show

Offer real value and get real results

Podcasting, Becoming A Professional

There are over 350,000 podcasters around the globe. In a few short years there will be over 1 million! Unfortunately, most of them have never been heard of. Kerry Lutz is out to change all that. In his new book Viral Podcasting: A proven Process to Earn a 6 Figure Income from Your Show, he lays out a roadmap to help podcasters build massive audiences and make big bucks. They just need to treat it like a profession and a real business and let the rest will take care of itself.

Lutz started his podcast Financial Survival Network-FSN in 2011. With a diverse career as a serial entrepreneur, attorney and turnaround specialist, since childhood he had a desire to do a radio show. He found himself becoming a fan of many other podcasts and thought why not do it too. But there was a big problem, no one was making any money. It was a case of, “If you build it they won’t come and spend money.” So he started looking for ways to monetize upon what he perceived as a long-term growing trend. He hit pay dirt in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since.

How To Make a 6 Figure Income From Your Show

Lutz retained high power radio consultant Valerie Geller to coach him through the early years and she eventually collaborated on the book and wrote the foreword. “She taught me how to dare to be great. To risk it all.” The show has 10’s of thousands of daily listeners around the globe with 66% US, 15% Canadian 3.5% UK, 3.5% Australian and the rest in a smattering of other countries.

Lutz now teaches other podcasters how to go Viral and to monetize their shows. “There’s just far too few podcasters making ends meet and that’s ashamed, because there’s so much potential in this field.” On any giving day he can be found in his home studio recording new episodes, coaching clients and scheduling public speaking tours.

Success Stories

About the Author

Serial entrepreneur, lawyer and viral podcaster,

Kerry Lutz is helping turn podcasting into a respected profession. Every day around the world, hundreds of people join the rapidly growing ranks of podcasters. Unfortunately, what they don't know can hurt them. Mr. Lutz has created an exhaustive study into turning virtually any podcast into a successful business. This book is a must for the beginning podcaster as well the experienced podcaster who is looking to turn it up another notch and get richly rewarded in the process.
Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.
Get on the path to financial freedom.
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